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AAA Service

We can make your teeth (more) beautiful and functional by:


• Implants (artificial roots)

• Orthodontics (straight teeth, no matter your age)

• Dentures (think of a natural look)

• Hollywood Smile (radiant smile, treatment plan tailored to your


• Crown and bridge work (single & full arch solutions)

• Laser treatments (variety of indications)

• Lumineers (the "Bold & Beautiful" veneers / veneers from the US)

• Veneers (veneers-in-ONE-appointment)

• White fillings (replacement of toxic mercury-fillings)

• Gum Treatments (combat gum disease / periodontitis / cosmetic


• Regular oral hygiene treatment (smokers-tartar/ you do not have to

   wait until the next check and walk around with dark teeth)

• Bleaching (whitening) of teeth, by means of the most secure


• CBCT (CT scans can make it possible to work in 3D for more


• Botox (i.e.: hypertrophic mandible muscles / joint disorders)

• Mini-pharmacy (selling the best products at the lowest prices;

  price guarantee)



• Visit our website in Dutch;

Another Service

We can also take care of your skin and enhance your beauty (women only) by:


• Exclusive Image Skincare facials, always immediate result

• Microdermabrasion, first consultation FREE!

• Treatment plans customized for skin improvement

• Waxing / Sugaring of the face and / or body

• Sale of exclusive Image Skincare products

• Promotions regularly available also see

• Acne treatments > insurance coverage possibvle

• Hyperpigmentation treatments

• Hijama & Cupping treatments

• Gift vouchers, nice to let your friend or spouse to be pampered

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